Periodontal Health in Darwin

Older couple smiling | gum disease darwin ntThanks to ongoing research, we know a lot more today about periodontal health and its link to overall health.

Periodontal health, sometimes known as gum disease or jawbone disease, does not cause much pain in the early stages. This is why preventative appointments are important – both for prevention and early detection.

What Is Gingivitis?

When excessive plaque builds up below the gum line, this allows harmful bacteria to create an infection underneath the gums. This is the early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis.

When a person has gingivitis, they may notice their gums bleed during brushing, or appear red and swollen. Bad breath, sometimes known as halitosis, can also be a sign of gingivitis.

Over time, the bone and tissue that support your teeth can start to shrink and cause teeth to become loose. This infection below the gumline does not cause pain in the early stages, although it does have long-term effects when left untreated.

What Is Periodontitis?

Periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis, is slow progressing. It is usually painless and can take several years before it affects your teeth or results in tooth loss.

When periodontal disease reaches an advanced stage, the teeth may begin to feel loose. This is because the bone around the teeth has been dissolved over time by the bacterial infection.

For most people who suffer with periodontal disease, a deep cleaning below the gumline can remove bacteria build-up. Over time, this will reduce and remove infection. We may also recommend additional therapies such as antibiotic treatment or surgery.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent ‘cure’ for periodontal disease; however, with a lifelong commitment to regular dental visits and a diligent home care routine, a dentist can help keep the condition under control.

Oral Health Contributes to Overall Healthman smiling in the dental chair | periodontal health casuraina

Bacteria that cause periodontal disease have also been linked with other health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

This is known today as the oral-systemic link.

The team at Casuarina Square Dental Care can help you protect your overall health by providing regular appointments every six months. These visits allow our team to remove any bacteria building up below the surface and restore healthier gum conditions. This reduces the risks of periodontal disease and tooth loss over time.

Regular Preventive Care

When you come in for your six-month cleaning and exam, our dental team will screen you for early signs of gum disease and other issues such as oral cancer and tooth decay.

Your dentist can actually detect these conditions early, which is often key to successful treatment. By coming in every six months, you may also be avoid many painful and expensive dental conditions altogether.

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