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What is a Cone Beam CT (CBCT scan and how does it differ from X-ray pictures?

a man looks up and to the side | dentist in casuarina ntAlternately referred to as “Digital Volumeric Tomography” (DVT), the CBCT scan is a new variety of X-ray examination.  While the traditional X-ray produces a two-dimensional image, the CBCT produces a three-dimensional image of your teeth, soft tissue, nerves, and jaw.  This will give your dentist a more accurate picture of your dental needs.

When Does Casuarina Square Dental Care Use A CBCT Scan?

The CBCT scan is beneficial in situations such as root canal treatments, impacted teeth, dental implant planning, and a wide variety of other procedures.  If a CBCT scan has been recommended for you, consider having a discussion with your dentist about how a scan could help your individual dental health.  

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