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Why do I need a crown and not just a filling?

A filling is ideal for restoring the damage left by tooth decay, which typically leaves a small hole, or cavity, in enamel. A filling, however, cannot properly repair or support larger damage to a dental mirror inspects a smile | dental crowns darwin ntteeth, such as cracks. When teeth sustain trauma or decay, or they are fractured beyond the scope of a filling, a dental crown can restore them more effectively.

What A Dental Crown Does

A crown is designed to completely cover the remaining tooth structure. Most crowns are porcelain restorations designed to mimic a natural tooth. Crowns also protect the integrity of the root, such as biting, chewing, talking and smiling. 

Dental crowns are also ideal for anchoring dental bridges and are often part of a smile makeover plan. Porcelain crowns are used to restore single dental implants and offer great longevity and durability with the right home care and regular check-ups.

At Casuarina Square Dental Care, we use the highest quality dental materials available for our patients’ restorations, providing function and aesthetics designed to last for many years. Call our Casuarina, NT dental office today if you've got questions about our services.

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