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Are CEREC Same-Day Crowns Similar to Traditional Crowns?

June 2, 2020
Posted By: Casuarina Square Dental Care
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Crowns serve several important roles in dentistry—everything from concealing tooth flaws to anchoring a dental bridge. For this reason, it is our goal to provide quality dental crowns for our patients. Additionally, because of the vital role that crowns play in dental health and aesthetics, we don’t want you to have to wait weeks for your new restoration.

Your dentist in Casuarina, NT offers same-day dental crowns using CEREC technology. This means we take digital impressions in our clinic and send the results to our own on-site milling machine. This machine creates your crown while you wait.

As far as we are concerned, the most significant difference between traditional crowns and CEREC same-day crowns in Casuarina, NT is that one requires waiting and the other does not.

A tooth crown is a sturdy, tooth-shaped shield that goes over your tooth to the gum line.

How We Use Dental Crowns

If you have had a root infection and root canal treatment, your tooth may be vulnerable to fractures when chewing. A dental crown provides a safety zone between your bite and your treated tooth.

If you have tooth flaws like discolouration, chips, shape issues or small gaps, a dental crown may hide these issues.

When you lose a tooth, a dental implant takes the place of your lost root, but it is a quality dental crown that stands in for your missing tooth, topping the implant above the gum line.

A tooth crown also occupies either end of a dental bridge—restoration tooth or line of teeth. The crowns fit over adjacent teeth, allowing the restorations to fill in the smile gap.

For CEREC Same-Day Crowns in Casuarina, We Welcome Your Call

A tooth crown may save a weak tooth, help provide an aesthetically appealing smile and even support restorations like implants and bridges.

If you would like more information, we welcome your call.