Dental Crowns in Casuarina, NT

At Casuarina Square Dental Care, we love the way modern technology makes dentistry more pleasant for our patients. We incorporate leading-edge dentistry in our dental practice because it not only means patients are more comfortable during treatment, but it also helps us to make earlier and more accurate diagnoses of dental conditions.

dental crowns in darwin ntConvenience is another benefit of dental technology, and with CEREC dental crowns, patients who visit our Casuarina, NT dentist can get their restorations in just one visit to the dentist. We can provide our Casuarina, NT patients with veneers, inlays, onlays and dental crowns using this modern technology.

Traditional Dental Crowns Versus CEREC Dental Restorations

If you have ever gone through the dental crown process in the past, you might be pleasantly surprised the next time you need one. Before we had CEREC technology available, the dental crown process took at least two visits to your Darwin, NT dentist.

At the first appointment, your dentist prepared the tooth to receive the crown. Then we would take a mould of the remaining tooth structure to send to the lab for dental crown fabrication. Once we placed a temporary crown, we scheduled a follow-up appointment for a few weeks hence, when your dental crown was ready for placement.

With CEREC technology, we can handle everything all in one appointment at your dentist in Casuarina, NT because we make the crowns right here in our dental clinic. We can take a digital mould of your tooth and send the information to the CEREC machine. While you relax, the machine makes a beautiful dental crown designed to fit your remaining tooth structure.

What Is CEREC?

A CEREC dental crown is a restoration that is made in-house by our Casuarina dentist using computer-aided design software. The end result is a strong restoration that will look very much like your natural tooth. And just because it is quicker to design, produce and place, this doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing durability or esthetics. In fact, because CEREC uses no metal in the fabrication process, you won’t have that telltale metal ring your likely have at the bottom of your older dental crowns.

group of four friends taking a selfieWhen Is CEREC Used?

A CEREC crown is used in the same situations where a traditional dental crown might be used, including:

  • To repair a tooth that has become broken or fractured
  • To save a tooth that has a large amount of decay in it beyond what a filling can fix
  • To strengthen a tooth that has become brittle because of a root canal
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To finish off a dental implant

We Welcome Your Call to Learn More About Dental Crowns in Casuarina, NT

Getting a dental crown doesn’t have to be a hassle with convenient CEREC technology. We look forward to restoring your smile.