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Why Dental Care for Children Is Crucial

June 1, 2021
Posted By: Casuarina Square Dental Care
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Establishing dental care early for children helps them better adapt to the dental environment, which may later curb dental anxiety. It can also help develop healthy habits from the very beginning.

Your dentist in Darwin likes to see children around their first birthday or close to the time of the first tooth eruption. This allows the dentist to assess development and make sure everything is coming together as it should. This first appointment is designed to be positive—counting teeth, a ride in the dental chair, and a chance to get to know the team as well.

From there, it’s important to establish regular dentistry for your child.

Preventive Dentistry for Your Child

Preventive dentistry sets the stage for your child’s lifelong oral health. This means a regular check-up yearly or one every six months—depending on need. The examination looks at jaw development and other issues that are critical as your child grows. In addition, of course, we check for cavities and may recommend fissure sealants or fluoride treatments if your child’s teeth are weak or especially susceptible to decay.

Preventive dentistry also includes regular teeth cleans after a certain age. We believe that teeth cleans are the best way to lower your child’s risks for preventable issues like decay.  

We can also talk to you about at-home care and how to keep your child’s smile healthy between preventive exams and teeth cleans, including help with transitioning your child to independent brushing when the time is right.

Advanced Dentistry for Children

Your child’s dentist in Darwin pays close attention to jaw size and development and may assess your child early for orthodontics, especially if the jaw isn’t large enough to accommodate an entire arch of adult teeth.

Have You Established Children’s Dentistry for Your Child in Darwin?

We love caring for kids and helping them gain confidence in their healthy smiles. And starting kids early is so crucial to their future oral health, which may contribute to better overall wellness.

If you would like to establish dentistry for your little one, we await your call.