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The Number One Advantage of Dental Implants

April 27, 2018
Posted By: Dr Jean Francois Cohen
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 Many patients come to us for dental implants in Darwin because they look stunning and completely natural. It’s no doubt that your dental implant will complement your smile and stay virtually undetectable to others with the proper care.

The main advantage of dental implants, however, is health-related rather than aesthetic. Dental implants are the closest way to have your natural tooth again.

Health Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are not just a filler to close the gap left by a missing tooth; they replace the entire tooth – including the root. The reason this is of particular importance is that the root stimulates healthy bone and prevents it from deteriorating.

Chewing places pressure on the teeth – and the root. Pressure from constant chewing causes loading force to the jawbone. Realising this bone is necessary and an active part of the chewing function, it remains intact. A lost tooth removes the pressure and bone begins to resorb.

Dental implants maintain healthy occlusion, commonly known as the bite. A missing tooth leaves an empty space and allows adjacent and opposing teeth to shift, tilt or super-erupt (over-emerge), exposing the roots of the teeth. Exposed roots are particularly susceptible to decay, and misalignment can lead to painful jaw joints and periodontal disease. Teeth may feel more sensitive to temperature and touch.

Dental implants put an end to the cycle of oral health issues caused by missing teeth, especially when placed by the skilled hand of an experienced dentist like the ones you will meet at Casuarina Square Dental Care.

Our approach to dental implants in our Darwin surgery eliminates guesswork, relying on science and expertise delivered with the highest level of patient care. Our patients deserve the best outcomes and a positive experience with their dental visits.

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