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Professional Teeth Whitening Compared with Store-Bought Systems

August 20, 2020
Posted By: Casuarina Square Dental Care
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Professional teeth whitening in Darwin, NT has long been an affordable way to brighten your smile dramatically. We rely on prescription-strength systems and gels to lift away dark tooth stains safely, which is not the case when you purchase whitening products in shops.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Darwin, NT

Your dentist examines your teeth and gums to make sure professional teeth whitening is safe for you. Considerations may include restorations and gum health. However, these issues do not necessarily rule you out for treatment. Your dentist also wants to learn more about what you hope to achieve with this option.

If teeth whitening is deemed safe and a good fit for your smile goals, we take impressions of your teeth and use these moulds to create whitening trays that fit your mouth appropriately. A good fit helps ensure that whitening gel does not come into contact with soft tissues and gums, which can lead to prolonged tooth sensitivity and uneven whitening.

Your dentist also prescribes a gel that is customised to your needs and your oral health—considering all things.

When you whiten your teeth under the directions of a dental professional, you can be confident as well that the ingredients will not be too harsh for your enamel or cause damage.

Shop-Bought Teeth Whitening Products

If you purchase a kit in your local shop, there is a good chance that the tray will not fit properly—one size does not fit all. An ill-fitting tray can mean gel spillage and prolonged sensitivity. You may also notice uneven whitening or teeth of different shades, which can be upsetting.

Additionally, there is no dentist to tell you that the ingredients may not be recommended for your unique case. Yes, shop-bought products can be abrasive.

 For Professional Teeth Whitening in Darwin, We Welcome Your Call

Our dental team always wants you to be safe and do what’s best for your oral health, which is why we recommend whitening your smile under the direction of professionals.