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3 Signs of a Dental Emergency

May 25, 2022
Posted By: Casuarina Square Dental Care
woman holding jaw from pain during a dental emergency

Dental emergencies are alarming, especially if you don't have an emergency dentist in Casuarina. Fortunately, our Casuarina Square Dental Care team is here to help you regain your health and stop the pain. The sooner you contact us, the more likely we can save your tooth. In most cases, we treat dental emergencies with same-day appointments. 

Here are three major signs that can indicate a dental emergency. 

#1 Toothache or Oral Pain

Pain is your body's natural alarm system that something serious requires attention. With most dental conditions, symptoms remain quiet until they advance and involve the nerve.

Anytime your tooth, gum tissue or jaw is painful, it's time to contact us to book an appointment with one of our experienced dentists. Postponing your treatment can mean your pain will worsen or even that you need an extraction.

#2 Inflammation or Swelling 

Inflammation indicates infection. Even if the swelling is not yet painful, seeking emergency dental treatment is essential because an active infection anywhere in the body can become severe. In some rare cases, it might even cause death.

Swelling in the gums, jaw, or face can indicate an infected tooth. Sometimes, we can save the tooth with root canal treatment. 

#3 Broken, Fractured or Knocked-Out Tooth 

Let's face it; our teeth are exposed to dangers every day. Whether you bite into something unexpected or have a sporting injury, teeth sometimes suffer.

If you break a tooth, repairing the damage and reinforcing its structure can prevent further damage. We can sometimes save a knocked-out tooth by gently placing it back in the socket and attaching reinforcements to hold it in place until the ligaments and bone heal around the tooth.

Even though a broken tooth isn't always painful, fractured teeth can risk your oral health and wellness. When the enamel that protects your teeth becomes compromised, further damage is more likely.

Contacting our clinic straight away allows us to repair the tooth with a restoration that seals out bacteria and protects it when chewing. After an evaluation, we will be happy to discuss all of your options and respect your choice.

Emergency Dental Care in Darwin and Casuarina 

A sudden change in your oral health may raise the question if it is time to contact Dr Jean Cohen, your emergency dentist in Darwin. In most cases, prompt treatment improves your options and gives you more choices for protecting your smile.

If you need an emergency dentist, we invite you to contact Casuarina Square Dental Care to speak with one of our team members. We will be happy to provide guidance and determine if an immediate dental appointment is necessary.