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Which Type of Braces Is Right for Me?

October 27, 2021
Posted By: Casuarina Square Dental Care
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Your dentist near Darwin offers traditional braces and Invisalign to help each patient reach their unique smile goals.

The option that works best for you will depend on a few factors, but first, let’s look at the difference between traditional braces and Invisalign in Casuarina, NT.

Traditional Braces and Invisalign

Traditional braces rely on guidewires and attached tooth brackets. Periodically, you come into our dental clinic for wire adjustments to guide your teeth into alignment. Unfortunately, you cannot remove your orthodontic treatment to brush and floss your teeth with this method.

Traditional braces may be preferred for complex cases and younger children.

Invisalign depends on clear aligners fabricated from impressions of your teeth. You change out your aligner approximately every two weeks and come into our dental clinic periodically so your dentist can check your progress. With this method, you can remove your aligners when eating, brushing, and flossing your teeth.

Invisalign may be the preferred option for older teens and adults and is sometimes recommended for mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

Learn Whether Invisalign or Traditional Braces in Casuarina Is Right for You

Your dentist starts you with a consultation. During this first assessment, your dentist has a chat with you about your smile goals. We also welcome your questions. Additionally, you’ll have an exam, which may include x-rays, to determine which option best fits your needs and goals.

Therapy with either option may last for many months or as long as two years. Your dentist will let you know during the consultation.

After treatment, we provide a custom retainer to reinforce the new straight positions of your teeth.

For Orthodontics in Casuarina, We Encourage Your Call

Orthodontics can have a positive impact on your oral health and may contribute to a happier smile. If you want to learn more or arrange your initial visit, we would love to hear from you.