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What is CEREC® technology?

With CEREC technology in Darwin, you can receive high-quality dental crowns in a single dental appointment. Say goodbye to messy dental impressions and temporary crowns for in-between visits. With CEREC same-day crowns, we can design and mill your custom restorations on location using CAD-CAM technology. 

dental crown being held by dental toolsBenefits of CEREC Crowns 

CEREC crowns are metal-free restorations that also allow us to save more natural tooth structure. With same-day crowns, we can comfortably and quickly restore your teeth to their natural appearance, function, and strength. 

This leading-edge dentistry allows us to serve our patients with more accuracy, speed, and comfort. CEREC technology is also typically less costly and time-consuming, compared to traditional dental crowns. 

How CEREC Crowns Function

CEREC crowns function in the same way traditional dental crowns do. They can:

  1. Repair a broken or fractured tooth
  2. Save a tooth weakened by decay
  3. Strengthen a brittle tooth that has had a root canal
  4. Secure a dental bridge
  5. Complete a dental implant

CEREC Crowns in Darwin

CEREC same-day dental crowns have revolutionised the restoration process. Our patients are now able to achieve a more complete smile in a single visit. This modern technology also helps us provide veneers and inlays for patients. 

To learn more about single-day crowns and CEREC technology, we invite you to contact our Darwin dental practice.