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How can dental bonding fix my smile?

Do you suffer from cracked teeth? Maybe some of your teeth look a bit damaged or even discoloured from wear and tear over the years. You might feel a bit concerned about your smile or potentially worried about the state of your oral hygiene, but luckily there is a solution!

woman smiling after getting dental bondingDental Bonding in Casuarina

Our Casuarina dental team regularly performs a common procedure called dental bonding to fill in any cracks, repair damage, and improve overall cosmetic appearance. Dental bonding relies on a tooth-coloured resin that restores and fixes damaged teeth. We generally prepare the surface of the affected tooth, apply an agent that allows the tooth-coloured resin to bond to the tooth, shape the resin and then harden it with an ultraviolet light. 

Why Might I Need a Dental Bonding Procedure?

Over time our teeth can go through quite a bit! Some common factors that may damage teeth include:

  • Minor tooth trauma resulting in cracks
  • Chipping teeth while chewing
  • Discolouration from the consumption of coffee, wine or the use of tobacco
  • Eating hard foods or chewing on ice
  • Various other circumstances resulting in tooth damage

See How Dental Bonding Can Help Your Smile

At Casuarina Square Dental Care, we do our utmost to keep our patients’ smiles looking bright and would love to answer any questions you have about dental bonding. We welcome to you contact our clinic at your earliest convenience!