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What can I expect when I receive a CBCT scan?

a man smiles in the dental chair | dentist in casuarina ntA CBCT scan is a relatively quick procedure, lasting only a few minutes.  Your Darwin dentist will suggest you allocate at least twenty minutes for set up, scan and viewing the images.  To prepare for your scan you will need to remove any facial jewelry, piercings, or dentures.   It is recommended this is done prior to your appointment to save time during the procedure.

During the scan you will be carefully positioned by the operator and will need to remain still throughout the procedure.  The CBCT will move in a circular motion while completing the scan, but will not come into contact with you.

After The CBCT Scan At Casuarina Square Dental Care

Your dentist will need you to stay after the procedure until the images have been inspected to ensure quality.  Once they are ready, the examination will yield three-dimensional images of the “volume” of your face.  The volume will vary depending on your dental needs and will help your dentist develop a personal treatment plan.

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