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How can sedation dentistry reduce dental anxiety?

I Am Concerned About My Treatment Hurting

At Casuarina Square Dental Care, we use the best dental pain-eliminating medication to ensure that patients feel comfortable during their procedures. Our dentists are very experienced at delivering anaesthetic with patient comfort as a top priority.

woman smiling in dental chairWe have also invested in modern technology designed to make treatment more comfortable and as painless as possible. For example, rotary endodontic treatment uses electric hand tools that allow us to complete root canal therapy with reduced pain and vibration. These instruments are made of titanium, which is also more pliable and easier to work with. Treatment carried out with these instruments, as opposed to standard manual hand tools, is more comfortable for patients.

Modern dental technology often means treatment is quicker, which means less time in the dental chair—and our patients really appreciate that.

Don't Let Dental Fear Keep You From Good Oral Health

We want our patients to enjoy their beautiful smiles for a lifetime. Part of a successful smile treatment plan includes regular visits to your Casuarina dentist. 

Our friendly dental team prioritizes patient health and comfort. If you are feeling anxious or uncomfortable, please let our dental staff know. Sedation dentistry can help create pleasant and relaxing dental experiences.