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Full Upper Teeth Replacement

For this patient, we replaced the entire upper arch with zirconia crowns retained with six dental implants.

This procedure combines the best that both dentures and dental implants have to offer. Rather than getting a dental implant for each missing tooth, the patient gets dental implants along with a full upper arch of natural-looking zirconia crowns. The zirconia crowns remain stable in the mouth so the patient can chew, speak and laugh comfortably, without worries that there will be movement or slipping.

The dental implants also serve to preserve the jawbone. When teeth roots are missing, the jawbone has a tendency to shrink over time because there is nothing in place to stimulate the bone and signal the body to send nutrients to the area. Patients who experience this usually develop a sunken-in look that can add years to their age.

We welcome your call to our Casuarina dental clinic so you can learn more about teeth replacement options, including dental implants with zirconia crowns.

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