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The before image shows a discoloured resin veneer that is only a few years old. In the after shot, a bonded ceramic veneer is shown. Ceramic does not change colour over time.

As shown in the picture, veneers are made to blend in beautifully with the natural teeth because these wafer-thin tooth covers have a similar translucency to the natural teeth. They can be used to hide a discoloured tooth, as shown, as well as gaps and spaces between the teeth, fractures and chips, wear on the teeth from conditions such as teeth grinding, size discrepancies among the teeth as well as oddly shaped teeth. We can use veneers to repair just one tooth—or many, depending on the needs of the patient.

We invite you to reach out to Casuarina Square Dental Care for more information on veneers in Casuarina and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

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